DP Lawyer Market Research Paper

In-house privacy professionals advise and consult their organisations on all aspects of privacy & data protection. 

They develop and implement training, privacy policies and privacy management programmes. 

They perform privacy risk assessments and produce data inventories. 

Privacy professionals monitor and measure privacy compliance and enforcement. 

However, many professionals are juggling a number of responsibilities at once.


When in-house privacy professionals reach their limits, organisations often take external advice from consultants and counsels. 

Practically, all in-house teams have, at some point of their career worked with external advisers.


External Data Protection Advice

Full service, private practice, international law firms have built enormous privacy & data protection practices across their global operations. 

Over the last 20 years their teams have been steadily developing and growing and so has the amount of work they have been presented with. 

The lawyers are most often headquartered at departments such as ‘Privacy and Data Protection’ ‘Privacy & Data Security’ and even ‘Privacy and Big Data.'